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The only summon a cleric can get is phantom swords and elemental; so you'll waste a lots of Mpale Story Mesos SP on Magic Arms Mastery. So just think about this before you get the visions of a summoner/warrior muse. Not only this but some of your buffs won’t affect them. Like bless body/armor/mind.

Function 1: Solo Artist

Function 2: Part-Time Supporter/Buffer/Warrior

Function 3: Full-Time Warrior

You can do many things with a battle muse, you can assist a FS muse in a party to keep other buffed and healed, you can strictly solo with them up until it’s ineffective (bout level 60-ish).

Or, as a party member, you can also blend in with the soldiers and hawkers, and act as a mercenary for hire (free =P).

Pros: Assistant fighter, not only dependant on your own stats to boost theirs, but you can also buff them to make them even stronger. Believe it or not, I think that’s about all that’s good about them.

Cons: You're going to get less experience because your pet uselessly steals some. You are going to be at a serious MP disadvantage, already having a somewhat smaller mana pool will screw you over if you try to cast a 200MP summon pet.