The Warhammer Herald now features the May Community Update.

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The Warhammer Herald now features the May Community Update. The latest post goes into some detail about the June release of patch v1.4.3 which will feature a new event called \"Sigmar Tide\". While the rest of the 1.4.3 patch will be available \"soon\" on the PTS, Sigmar Tide will not be featured so as to avoid spoilers. The event \'Sigmar Tide\' will introduce a new scenario to WAR. The College of Corruption is the attempt of the Chaos to infiltrate the Empire and corrupt it from within. Inside players fight over the control of the college while the Aqshy Activators can be used to manifest Aspects of Fire - a being of pure fire which is temporarily controlled by the player with four special abilities. The College of Corruption scenario will be open to players of all tiers for the duration of the event, and NPCs will give the players quests to complete while in the scenario. Additionally to the College of Corruption players can seek out the Altars of Sigmar in open RvR and gain a blessing to improve their offense (by sacrificing a bit of their defense) if they possess a Skull of the Fallen.