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Daily Quests: The daily quests available at the Argent Tournament (northern part of Ice-crown) can award a level 77 or higher player over 150 gold in less than 30 minutes a day. That’s a substantial amount for such little work, not to mention the extra bonuses you get World Of Warcraft Gold like reputation, loot, titles, and achievements.

There are many other daily quests in Ice-crown that you can take on as well for more cash. Looking at the grand scheme of things, we’ve found it’s best to stop farming here once you’ve gotten your Crusader title (about a month of playing) and all of the loot that you want. Why? Well, because you should be making a lot more money elsewhere.

The tournament is a great place to fund your trade-skills and any other projects when you first hit 80, but you’ll find that the grind can get on your nerves after a month or two of farming. That’s not to say it isn’t lucrative, but it can become monotonous.

Last time we have introduced Part 1 of how to farming gold in the game. Here we are going to talk about Five Gold Farming Techniques Part 2 of Daily quests, Professions and Transmutations!