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Unlike the TK, the Paladin is slow. He has a 360 degree blocking World Of Warcraft Gold toggle (which consumes no mana) that sacrifices blocking power in exchange for all around blocking.

For fighting undead and dark-magic casting mobs, there are none better: High HP and low-MP consuming toggles that add extra resistance to dark attacks and damage to undead give the Paladin the decided advantage as the tank of choice against these foes.

The Paladin has several other undead skills, including an undead-damage attack and area of effect P. Atk debuff on undead, further helping them in their fight.

Because of the extreme defensive nature of the Paladin, some refer to them as “Combat Medics”. With the introduction of CP, a Paladin can spam away all his mana and his HP and still have about 3000 CP for enemies to cut through at the highest levels.

Final Fortress, the tank passive that increases P. Def when HP becomes low (fewer than 30%) especially helps protect the Paladin CP after he’s consumed his entire HP.

Fortunately, their place as a tank leaves them as one of the last targets in PvP, allowing them to throw in an annoying stun or last heal, possibly swinging the balance of the PvP in your party’s favor.