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How do I train my manufacturing skills? First off, make sure you've completed Guild wars gold the level 5 quest for the skill you wish to learn.

Talk to an Elder and select "Learn Manufacturing skill" to get level 1 in it using the book you've received (Lost books can be retrieved by talking to the Book merchant). To train your Manufacturing, visit the relevant NPC and select the Manufacture option.

Select the item you wish to make to see the required materials and manufacturing level for it. When you have everything, you can make the item and receive 10% exp to your manufacturing skill. When you've reached 100%, talk to an Elder to level up your Manufacturing skill.

Note that to learn level 4 in any manufacturing skill, you have to complete the relevant quest at level 50.

How do Combos/Macros work? In your skill window, there's a create button at the bottom. Press it to open the combo maker window.

Drag skills or the attack button to the row there, and then add the combo when you're done. You can then use that combo as a regular skill - press the button to initiate it.