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Most new people may not know their way around the world, so if you do then you can charge Runescape Gold a fee (depending on how far it is from where you are at) to take them to their destination. Not much of a method that you can use anytime possible, but at least it’s helpful to others.

If your mining level is below 15 and you aren’t able to mine iron ores, then you should consider taking up mining rune essences.

Rune essences are used in rune crafting and allow players to craft runes. They go for 20-35gps each, although many players will sell them at the higher range because most money-making miners of rune essences are newbies. Rune essences can be mined out from four main rocks located in the Rune Essence Mining Field.

You can go to this field by asking one of the following NPCs to teleport you: (Note: In order to go to the Rune Essence Mining Field, you need to have accomplished the Rune Mystery quest.)

- Sedridor in Wizards’ Tower’s basement

- Aubury located in the Rune shop south of Varrock’s east bank

- *Wizard Cromperty in East Ardougne

- *Wizard Distentor in Magic Guild

- *Brims tail the Gnome in Tree Gnome Village underground cave