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Skills: The Dark Lord can learn powerful spells from scrolls. These spells are fire-burst, critical damage, electric spark, and summon.

Season II introduces also a new skill for the World Of Warcraft Gold Dark Lord. It is called 'Fire Scream'. It is said to be an evolved 'Fire-Burst' that consumes not only mana, but AG as well. Private servers:

Level 14 items glow like +13 items.

Level 15 items turn into transparent reddish objects (yet, other players see it as +14).

If the character wears a full set of the same armor, extra effects will be bestowed upon the character. A set with only level 10 or higher items will make small lights will fly around the character when he stands still and gives a 5% total defense boost.

A set with level 11 or higher items only will add lines of energy circling around the character giving a 10% defense boost.

At level 12 and 13, the lines will become an aura around the character and will add a 15% and/or 20% boost.

Defensive Skill Cost: 30 Mana - This skill is available on some shields. Use results in all damage dealt in the following 2-3 seconds to be halved. The skill may be used constantly, making it harder to hurt the Dark Knight.