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In effect, just stay on your toes, don't fly anything you can't afford to World Of Warcraft Gold replace, and you should be set for a life of rum, prosperity and gallant wenches

Use your head, and evaluate a situation before running in screaming "YARRR!!!111!" in local.

Another thing to remember is keep it clean, to the point and factual when ransoming, take no crap, and give a time limit for payment. I usually give one minute, which is more than enough to type all those lovely 0's.

Closing: In short, Keep your head on your shoulders, and think about all the possible outcomes of a situation before heading into it.

Don't be too hesitant, but at the same time be as fast as you can, because your target will twig that you're in local eventually, and looking to mine the plating off his hull.

Honor your word, be polite and use good judgment, and you'll succeed as a true pirate. And remember, steal cake from the fridge whenever you get the chance.

Any questions, or further detailing you need after reading this, drop me (Verone) an eve-mail in game, and I'll be happy to help.

This may seem to go without saying, but I've had people say "Oh crap, what did I just do?" on team speak as they're hurled into warp, and they realize actually how silly they are. Good luck, and don't die too much while you're learning.