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Hello, maplers. Now it is time for all Maplers at least level 8, who have not been playing Maple-story Europe since September 1st, 2009, to level up their character a little bit faster than before.

You will be greeted with great exclusive gifts World Of Warcraft Gold and also warm welcoming of fellow Maplers!

Exclusive gifts for users who did not log in since September 1st are: Welcome back ring and 3 X EXP Coupon!

And this time, we will also offer a special gift to our Maplers who have logged in at least once since September 1st, 2009! Special gift for users who logged in since September 1st is: 3 X EXP Coupon!

In general: How to do it: Enter the Cash Shop twice to receive one item at a time.

Items you can receive: Welcome Back ring (90 days) and/or the shockingly fantastic 3 X EXP Coupon (7 days)! (Warning: These great items can only be retrieved if you return within the event period, so hurry!)

What does the Welcome Back Ring do? Hunt together with your party and all of your party members will get additional EXP (180%)! Boy, won’t you be popular!

Experience these new offers that we are giving you once only. Have fun and Happy Mapling!